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Find the Best Office Trailers & Construction Trailers for Sale is the best place to find construction trailers and mobile office trailers. Whether you are looking for a 12' x 60' construction trailer for a long term construction project, or you need to find an office trailer with air-conditioning, steps, and wheel-chair accessible ramps, has the solutions you need, at a price that can't be beaten.

Customers have the option to rent, buy, or lease both new and used construction trailers. Office trailer leases and rentals can start as low as $125 a month all the way up to more than $800 a month depending on the size and features that you need. Buying a new construction trailer will cost around $7,000 for smaller trailers (8' x 20'), and up to $30,000 for larger, custom built office trailers.

Office Trailer Sizes

Construction Trailers come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, as well as having a bunch of optional features. Here are some of the most common sizes on construction trailers:

  • 8' x 20'
  • 8' x 40'
  • 8' x 60'
  • 12' x 20'
  • 12' x 40'
  • 12' x 60'
  • 24' x 24'

Office Trailer FAQ

Customers looking to purchase or rent a construction trailer typically have lots of questions. First, there are a bunch of different types of offices to choose from, then you have to choose the right size mobile office, then you have to decide whether or not you will buy, rent, or lease the office trailer. Here are some answers to some of the most common questions customers have when looking for an office trailer:

How Much Does Installation Cost?

Installation on construction trailers depends on a few factors. If your getting an office trailer on wheels, then you may have no installation fee at all, you may just pay a small fee for delivery. If your construction trailer will sit directly on the ground you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to sometimes more than a thousand dollars. It's important that you ask to have installation fees, and any other fees included when you ask for price quotes.

Do Construction Trailers Come With Restrooms?

Many construction trailers do come with restrooms installed, but it is not standard. The larger the office trailer, the more likely that it wil come with a bathroom. Trailers with bathrooms will cost more, so it just depends on whether the convenience of having a bathroom is worth it to you.

Do I Need a Permit for an Office Trailer?

If you are putting your office trailer on a construction site, you will most likely not need to get a permit for a trailer. If you want to put it on a residential property, then you probably will have to get a permit from your city government. Your local supplier will have more information about the rules and regulations in your area.