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Choosing the Right Size Mobile Office

Choosing the right size mobile office is important, especially if you are buying the office. If you are renting a mobile office or office trailer it's not nearly as important because companies will usually be happy to switch units for you, but you will have to pay installation and delivery charges, which can quickly add up. This is why it's always a good idea to get a little more space than you think you will need so you have some room to grow into your mobile office.

Mobile Office Space Guide

# Of Workers Space Needed Optional Private Offices Layout Options
1 100 - 250 Square Feet 08' x 16', 8' x 20', 10' x 16', 12' x 12'
2 225 - 375 Square Feet 1 8' x 24', 8' x 28', 12' x 24'
3 350 - 500 Square Feet 1 or 2 8' x 54', 10' x 36', 10' x 44', 12' x 36'
4 475 - 625 Square Feet 1 or 28' x 56', 10' x 44', 12' x 44'
5600 - 750 Square Feet1 or 212' x 56', 12' x 64'
6-10750 - 1,375 Square Feet1 or 224, x 44', 24' x 56', 24' x 64'
10+1500+ Square FeetCustomCustom

Before choosing how many square feet you need for your mobile office you need to think about how it's going to be laid out. If you plan on having multiple small offices inside, then you will need more space as dividers and walkways can quickly eat up a lot of real estate. If you are planning on using it as one large classroom or call center you will be able to make better use of space and can go a little smaller on the square footage, the only downside of this is the lack of privacy. Here are some general guidelines to help you decide how much space you need:

  • Personal Office Space - if you are breaking up a mobile office into smaller personal offices you will need around 150-200 square feet per office.
  • Space Per Employee - it's recommended that you have around 125 square feet per employee.
  • Don't Forget About Common Areas - you'll need to budget more space if you plan on having a kitchen, bathroom, conference room, or any other facilities.

Choosing the Right Size Portable Classroom

If you plan to use the mobile office as a classroom, there are some pretty easy guidelines to help you find the right size. You first need to figure out what age the students will be (or whether it is an elementary school or secondary school). Smaller kids will obviously need less space, and it is recommended to have about 550 square feet for 10 children plus a teacher, for elementary school kids. So if you will have 20 elementary students plus a teacher you will need about 1,100 square feet. For secondary school kids (high school and middle school), it's recommended to have about 700 square feet for every 10 kids plus a teacher.